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Architetural Design

DOUBLE LAYER has worked on a variety of architecture projects, providing unique and contextual solutions of design. A good design can transform people and spaces, the way they make you feel. Our architectural services include space planning, architectural design, sustainable design, brand integration, MEP and structural design. We enjoy working with our clients, journey with them in transforming their vision into reality, built forms. We try to design spaces that uphold the essence of the project in form and function.

Interior Design

We believe in providing creative, environment friendly and enduring designs that endorse the uniqueness of each client, brand or corporation. We engage closely with each client to understand their mission, vision and values, and translate these into well-crafted spaces/interiors that improve and inspire people’s lives. A good interior design have great impact on the frame of mind and productivity of its end users. We know that thoughtful planning, choice of materials and lighting strategies can significantly enhance the ambience and the feel.

Landscape Design

Our landscape designs are extensions of the built environment and community at large. We create landscapes that are uniquely crafted in context. The nature and texture of each landscape can influence the quality of the experience of outdoors and indoors in concert. We closely work with our client to achieve his preferences, and to develop designs that are innovative, sustainable, climate responsive and locally adaptive. We ensure that the panorama adapt well with seasons, climate and evolve over time to become captivating, distinctive spots that bring people together.


We provide variety of planning services ranging from developing master plans and development control regulations to site development plans and planning approvals. We aim to create a complete community, enhance existing neighborhoods and ensure balanced growth. We work with our clients and stakeholders to develop designs for residential developments, mixed use communities, educational institutions, corporate campuses and neighborhood revitalization efforts. We deliberately consider the environmental, cultural and economic context of the locale while planning. We apprehend the location, accessibility and infrastructure prerequisites to ensure seamless transition from inception to implementation.

Sketching and Visualization

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